Modern Black Wedding Dresses

You will be able to pull of an elegant but modern look with a black wedding dress. I agree for church weddings, black wedding dresses aren’t usually worn. Black wedding dresses are not the fashion for church weddings. They will fit right in if you hold your wedding in a castle or a gothic chapel. You can also decorate your wedding venue in gothic style to suit your dress.

While black may be the most prominent color, it does not have to be the only color of your dress. A combination of black and silver can look stunning. Having red flounces under the skirt can be used to represent blood at a gothic wedding. Black also looks great with pink or rose. But you can just have a white wedding dress with some black accessories.

Black wedding dress can be worn again, unlike the traditional white. With a white wedding dress, there’s hardly another occasion when you can wear them again, unlike with black dresses. Since black dresses are the most popular formal wear for women, it’s not surprising that you would want to wear that on your wedding day.

Sarah Jessica Parker was one of those who wore black to her own wedding to Matthew Broderick. She wore a dress with a full skirt. The wedding was kept from the media, which is one of the reasons for her not wearing a white dress. After her wedding though, she was reported to regret not wearing white. She wished that she had found the courage to go with something more traditional. But then, not all cultures accept white as the traditional wedding gown. Truth is, it was only in 1840 that Queen Victoria pioneered the trend of wearing white to your wedding. Before that occasion, any kind color or design was worn by brides.

Spanish weddings usually involve brides wearing black. Wearing black means that the bride will be loyal to her husband all her life. Some people just can’t accept wearing black to your own wedding, though. Usually, these are the older folks, or those who think it’s not Christian-like to wear black or have a gothic theme for weddings. They might also quote you the saying, ‘Married in black, you will wish yourself back,’ implying that you will regret the marriage. Of course, you can just tell them that you will not let an old saying rule your actions now.

Some brides like to shock but for the sake of future relationships with your family and older friends you might want to give them a little warning. You should make them understand why you are doing it and that you don’t mean it to be anti-Christian or the like. Point out that it will be a wedding to remember. This can go a long way to beating down any resistance in the family to "black wedding dresses".