Gothic Wedding Not Just Wearing Black

Gothic Wedding ThemesWedding with a Gothic wedding theme style is not just wearing black on the wedding day...

How many out there remember the old French film noir, The Bride Wore Black starring Jeanne Moreau as a sexy, vengeful widow who gets even with those who killed her husband on their wedding day? Even if you don't, the concept is obviously a strange one, for wearing black and being a bride don't seem to mix. Well, that's not the case with a gothic wedding ceremony where dark colors reign supreme in the midst of a complex philosophy that sprang from the punk rock movement of the 1980s.

Gothic wedding ceremony can be many things as long as it represents a rejection of mainstream beliefs and values. Elements of mysticism and ancient Druidic practice are seen in the unique wedding favors and costume elements of the ceremony. Goths consider themselves free thinkers attracted to the darker side of life. Still, some may choose to keep the wedding tradition intact while rejecting white in favor of darker more dramatic colors. While planning a wedding and the trimmings of wedding favors and such, the "Goth" couple must ask themselves if they want to affirm a philosophy or simply create a look.

The Gothic wedding dresses may resemble those of the Middle Ages, Renaissance or the darker side of the underworld. White is allowed but usually not used except in conjunction with other darker colors. Styles can include puffed sleeves, plunging necklines and tightly cinched bodices. Just the right gothic flair could include a touch of dark velvet for the groom and his entourage and ruby red gowns for brides-maids. Crimson roses and dark ivy can provide a striking backdrop to the ceremony, and various skull and coffin wedding favors make a cool anti-traditional "Thank You" to guests and everyone connected with the wedding party.

For a successful gothic wedding, all elements must be in harmony to create the desired atmosphere. Visit venues with an older feel that invoke a sense of drama. Think burgundy velvet chairs, fireplaces, high arches and oak paneling. Learn about the regulations concerning the addition of several decorations, you can add your personal touch to your very own gothic wedding reception site. A classic, haunting musical score will fare better to the gothic wedding theme than light jazz and even your invitations can have their own particular gothic stamp. Consider gargoyles, medieval ladies, madrigals, or even a pack of well-dressed rats clustered proud to announce the union of Master and Dame ... Smith!

You will need supplies to make your gothic vision a reality. Majors metropolitan areas have many shops that will fit your budget and needs, but if you live in a rural area, you can find what you need online. Consider having wedding attire and wedding favors hand made if your budget allows. That will lend a unique aura to the atmosphere.

And so, my Goth friends and fiends, the bride may end up wearing black or other unusual wedding dresses, but she and her groom can be happy if all of the elements of their own gothic wedding come together like one lovely and quite desired nightmare.