Gothic Leather Wedding Dress

It is strange when one-person dresses up, it says all about one’s personality. Wedding gown usually made by silks, satins and other soft and swishy fabrics, and this is also apply on making a gothic wedding dress. But, hey, where is the leather??? Yup, a romantic gothic wedding gown in leather.

Even on internet, its very rarely to get information about wedding dress in leather. But, after a quick look around the web, I found one very different leather gothic wedding dresses that run the gamut from classic to sexy to kind of hippie-ish.

Gothic wedding gown created for Linda Marrota for her wedding to Kaz actually consist of 2 pieces - a cordovan laced leather corset and a free-form suede skirt that drapes and fits as though it is bias cut.

The gothic leather wedding dress is made of lightweight lambskin leather in black and lined with satin. It's one of the really unique wedding outfits that ever created.