Steampunk Neo Victorian Wedding Dress in Burgundy and Black

Steampunk-Wedding-Dress-in-Burgundy-BlackSteampunk wedding dress is refreshingly different, very personal, oddly beautiful, and always elegant. Most steampunks take pride in modifying their clothes. This Steampunk Neo Victorian Wedding Dress is a fully customisable gown that can be made to exact requirements of the brides. The pictures shown are an example that isn't definitive, the fabrics, colours, trims, decoration and details can all be changed to suit you.

It would be made with luxury fabrics and specialist corsetry materials, this amazing adjustable bridal gown can be worn long for a dramatic entrance to your ceremony and then hitched up for a stunning look for the reception making dancing easy without having to change outfits, eliminating the cost of a second dress for your wedding reception.

Fully steel boned corset, cut from a Victorian pattern adjusted as it would have been in the old days to fit your exact body measurements and made with specialist corsetry materials, suitable for tightlacing with eyelets set with washers in re enforced, boned channels. Decorated with guipure lace edging and lace motif.

For the victorian signs accessorize... Let your dress and your face be the main points of focus, but don't be afraid to have a little fun! A smart Victorian hat and veil nicely top off a demure steampunk wedding dress. You may want to add traditional pieces like a string of pearls, a parasol, victorian rings, or a pocket watch. Let your playful side out and go with something a little more Neo-Victorian. Any steampunk jewelry or other futuristic item that's been modified to look like it's made out of wood and brass will be intriguing and fun.