Fantasy Gothic Wedding Jewelry

Wearing a beautiful wedding dress is a dream for every woman. Even sometimes the wedding dress is a fantasy representation for a long time. Do you still remember when wearing that fantasy dress complete with the fantasy jewelry and accessories at a party which is also just a fantasy a few years ago? I hope not and hopefully the gothic wedding dress was your choice at that time.

Gothic theme for a wedding can be spelled something extraordinary or "out of the box" until today, whether it be wedding dresses, jewelry, or makeup. A wedding gown in gothic-themed wedding will be more complete and the gothic feels increasingly thick with additional accessories such as beautiful and elegant gothic jewelry. Wedding rings, bracelets and necklaces which match when combined with a theme or design of the wedding dress that you wear.

Some of the gothic-themed jewelry designs which we present below hopefully can realize your "fantasy jewelry box" especially for those of you who are planning a gothic wedding theme. Black shades still dominate gothic jewelry design at this time, even some people said that black was the gothic itself. But do not worry because some jewelry collection also displays other colors are elegant, graceful and gorgeous but still characterized by a mysterious gothic.

Let's just we open the fantasy jewelry box one by one...

Karolanna vintage style necklace

It will be an amazing find for your jewelry collection. The bib style necklace is made from an applique fabric, as are the pretty earrings. On the necklace is a lovely butterfly and floral design, who knew that nature inspired jewelry could look so amazing?

Attached to the necklace and earrings are teardrop shaped black stones that add a hint of sparkle to the overall items. The dark hue of these pieces give off an exotic and sexy twist that we can't get enough of. Even though this is a nature inspired jewelry design, it isn't what normally comes to mind when we usually think of Mother Nature. As a matter of fact, there is a sultry gothic twist that will change your entire mood and look whenever you slip it on. Another bonus? Black jewelry goes with everything and anything so you will be able to wear this set again and again.

Grey Mesh Rose Ring

Romantic and gothic is what comes to mind when we look at this Gorgeous Grey Mesh Rose Ring. The fabric has been folded into a 35 millimeter wide rose that is set on a silver tone band. Tres chic! The muted grey hue will go with so much of your wardrobe and can be worn thru the various seasons, which makes it a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection. Trust us, when you see this nature inspired fantasy jewelry design in person you will fall in love!

Black Mesh Rose Ring

There is such a hypnotizing feel about this black mesh rose ring. When we saw it it gave off a beautiful and gothic edge that we loved. The mesh material is one of our favorite parts about it because it is elegant and unique. The 35 millimeter rose is set on a perfectly polished black band that gleams.

What is great about this design is that it is adjustable so you can choose to wear it on any finger you want, whenever you want. And black goes with everything so we are positive that you are going to want to wear this a lot. Statement jewelry like this can complete an outfit wonderfully even when the colors are muted like this. And it's a no brainer piece since you can slip it on when you're running out the door and know that it will match with the rest of your ensemble.

Black Flower Fashion Ring

Whether you like looking feminine, gothic, rocker or just plain stylish, this is an amazing fashion ring that can fall into all of those categories. How amazingly versatile is that? Black jewelry is so incredibly chic and it goes with everything. It is a great investment for your "fantasy jewelry box" because you can where pieces like this over and over again, and with a variety of different ensembles, not matter what your mood is.

This realistic nature inspired jewelry piece is made up of realistically molded petals that are embellished with beautiful clear crystal stones. It adds a subtle hint of glamour and glitter. The crystals and the dark hue actually balance each other out wonderfully. The large size is bold and refreshing, it is guaranteed to make an impact on any outfit that you decide to pair it with. But don't just take our word for it! Try it out for yourself!

Black Metal Rose Cuff Bangle

Gothic chic jewelry has such an old world charm to it. This silver tone cuff is decorated with three beautiful roses made from something you will never be able to guess. One oversized black rose is tucked in next to two smaller grey roses. The interesting fabric gives off a unique and artistic feel. Instead this dark hue gives off a sophisticated look that is incredibly elegant and fashion forward. You will absolutely love how versatile this bracelet is.

Not only can this hue go with everything, but because this is a gothic fantasy jewelry piece, just wearing this item can dress up an entire outfit or choose to wear even more jewelry for an even bigger WOW Effect. You are definitely getting your money's worth with the wear that you will be able to get out of such an easy to use design.