Planning a Goth Wedding and Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

If you’re planning a gothic wedding on a low budget, it can be just as much fun as planning any other themed wedding. The gothic wedding dress can be a corset style in black or a richly deep scarlet red. In fact, with the right makeup and accessories, you can even wear a stunning corset white wedding dress with a gothic theme.

The main characteristic of a gothic wedding theme is the darker color scheme, with the color black and red dominating. Black wedding attires, dramatic hues, candles and spooky objects fully reminiscent the gothic wedding. The wedding venue may take place at an ancient castle or old buildings.

For a perfect gothic wedding you need to plan carefully for the ceremony beforehand. Choose every thing starting from the venue, dress, music and the sets according to the gothic theme. For the music choose something appropriate which will merge with the whole theme. As dark is the main the theme of the ceremony, the black wedding dresses will be of the darker shades. Choose any dark colors dresses to merge with the whole concept. There are many gothic clothing designers that would be able to help the brides find a stunning gothic style for their wedding dresses.
The gothic wedding ceremonies have different motifs and themes. Some of the themes and motifs can be Victorians, Medieval or Renaissance, Fairy or Cemetery. In the Victorian Gothic Wedding all attires are based according to the Victorian Era. The only thing is that in this wedding only dark color shades are worn. For a gothic wedding blood red roses would be perfect than any other. Table clothes in dark colors with silver candles holders are preferable.

Medieval is the original connotation of Gothic. Wall tapestries, silver or iron candlesticks, skulls, Persian rugs, velvet drapes, framed medieval or Pre-Raphaelite prints, gargoyles and swords are usually used in a medieval style Gothic wedding. Any gothic music will suit in this décor. For those graveyard lovers, the cemetery theme is the perfect choice.

For your wedding invitations, you can take a hauntingly romantic theme with black roses or dark blood red roses with black accents on a white card. Create ceremony programs along the same theme and design with embellishments and graphics depicting black vines with rich red flowers. Deep dark colored roses, calla lilies, orchids are all great selections. Choose the darkest red roses and contrast them with white calla lilies and black and red tulle accents.

Goth wedding cakes are actually very stunning. A white fondant cake will allow for the striking contrast of the black and blood red accents whether you choose flowers or other embellishments for the design of the cake. To keep the richness of the theme running through the cake, choose a red velvet cake or dark chocolate cake. This will give the cake a luxurious and stunning deep red color to contrast with the white fondant icing. The location for your gothic wedding should be very special. Whether or not you choose to get married in a church under some denomination is completely up to you. Beach weddings, heading to Las Vegas or a beautiful gothic location would all be fabulous choices. Use your imagination and you are sure to come up with the perfect destination.

After all the festivities are over for your gothic wedding ceremony, you will want to be planning your honeymoon. You could tour and haunted houses or visit gothic castles or even visit ancient European cities. You can choose to plan your wedding yourself or work with a gothic wedding planner. But remember, this way is just the start to all of the wonderful things that will go into planning your gothic wedding. From the invitations to the black gothic wedding dresses you choose; from wedding ceremony to the gothic tours for your honeymoon. You should be able to plan a day that you will remember forever.