Zombie Prom Dresses for Halloween Party

Zombie Prom Dresses for Halloween PartyIf you've been invited to Halloween party for adults, no one says you have to go balls-to-the-wall elaborate for Halloween. Even if you're totally wild for Halloween, sometimes coming up with a cool, original costume can be a challenge. As well as the following Zombi Prom Dresses. It can be a good way to stand out when everyone else looks over-the-top crazy. Best of all, costumes like these are totally flexible and can have countless variations.

Sometimes a cool mask or some creative face paint combined with some formal wear more than gets the job done. Here below is one of gothic prom dress designs for Halloween party to help inspire some ideas and narrow down your choices.

This white satin Zombie Prom gown has been slashed and tattered and frayed. The lace cover has been mended with black Zombie serging. The wide deep V neckline has a long diagonal slash of long black tatters of tricot streaming down from the center. More white tricot tatters, as well as more black ones, flow diagonally from more serging below the waist front and back. More black tatters cross the zipper in the back (where the first yellowing appeared), and are held in place by a sash of tulle that crosses the shoulder and ties in a bow near the waist. The remains of her Queen of the Prom sash???

Zombie Prom Dresses for Halloween Party
The huge puff sleeves - all three layers of satin, net, and rayon lining, have long black serge thread tatter points twining down the edges of the butchered sleeves. They have elastic gathers at the shoulder -- which you can let fall off your shoulders, since the dress is boned, and will stand on its own.

The skirt is quite gathered, and is a curved over-wrap. which crosses in the front, but could blow open completely in a blast of a dervish wind.

Black tricot tatters, white tatters, hang diagonally across the front and back of the gown -- some short, some long. All the tatters on this Prom Zombie Dress are asymmetric and different lengths. I've left all the serging threads long to add to the tattered look..

If you think this dress is too soft for a Halloween costume. Don’t be afraid to dress subdued for Halloween party. In fact, a nice suit alone could work perfectly if you're the type of person who'd never be caught dead in one. Defy expectations by doing something unexpected - that's what Halloween is all about.