Gothic Wedding Dresses - Unique Wedding Gowns Design for Your Big Day

Many people believe that Gothic wedding dress style inspired from the Victorian period. The main colors of gothic style are scarlet, purple and black. If you are a bold and confident enough, the unique looking may impress every guest. Here are some unique and classic designs of Gothic Wedding Dresses…

Black Ball Gown with Shiny Embroideries
The pure black color may give people a depressing feeling. But to add some embroidered details may highlight the wedding dress. You can choose a sleeveless one. Under the waists, it can be ruffles with shiny embroideries. Accessorize with shining necklace and earrings to finish the gown.

Black Gothic Ball Gown with Shiny Embroideries
Black and Red Corset Wedding Gown
The gothic wedding dress also can be a combination of black and red. The red color can be added in the layer together with black transparent yarn. It could be more astounding. Also there’s additional gloves and jewelry to finish the elegant look.

Black and Red Corset Wedding Gown
Fairy Ball Gown Gothic Wedding Dress
This strapless ball gown contains exquisite details: such as layers of texture, decadent colors and lacing, shades, ribbon, floral appliqu├ęs scattering all in black. It’s easy to produce a sweet and gothic feeling for a bit ethereal accent.

White Gothic Wedding Gown
You may amazing that white gowns also can be an alternative choice for gothic wedding gowns. It sounds paradox. But you know gothic is not just a symbol of black, it’s a kind of inspiration. Choose white gowns, you may select some gothic elements in the dress. For example, a huge and long sleeves, a chic waist line and deep cleavage.

White Gothic Wedding Gown
In the fashion world, designers never cease their searching in the newest trends of fashion including the wedding dress category. And I hope they will not. It’s may be the major reason for the popularity of gothic wedding dresses today.

Everyone wants to be a special bride in their big day. They do not have to follow the tradition or the fashion. It’s your biggest day, and you have the right of opt a special look to yourself. Gothic wedding dresses will suit for your needs. It’s not only for the gothic fans! Everyone can have such a themed wedding, and wear the nontraditional wedding gowns to show your personality.