Dress like the Dead with Plus Size Zombie Prom Dress

The Walking Dead Costume for Plus Size GirlsThe Walking Dead tv series debuts on AMC this Halloween, so to celebrate Gothic Wedding Dresses presents the Silver Zombie costume 'Maid in all her buxom beauty'! Yes, Beyond The Trailer gets you ready for AMC's The Walking Dead Season 2 proves that zombies are sexy! It's zombies galore!

Zombies aren't just for Halloween anymore! And the fun of choosing the theme of zombies, with a little creativity you can reconstruct the old dresses to make a zombie prom dress. Like the plus size zombie prom gown below. It's reconstructed and dyed from bridesmaid's dress.

This Black-and-White satin bridesmaid's gown has been dyed silver. The dusty shade of mouldering caskets contents and have slashed the bodice neck in front and added tricot tatters. The right puff sleeves is slashed, serged, and zombie-stitched, and in the left has made a lots of slashes and serging with gray and black thread.

The plus size zombie prom dress is an empire waist, with satin ties, so you can cinch up under your voluptuous bosom as much as necessary. It zips up the back.

Dress Like The Dead with Plus Size Zombie Prom Dress
Diagonal serging in silver and black all over, with tatters . Some are long and squared in black tricot, others satin and edge-serged in the same gray and black - pointed tatters to match the totally tattered hem of this plus size zombie dress. The designer have left all the serging threads long to add to the tattered look. The serged satin tatters of the dress bottom reveal various bits of pale leg underneath - sexy zombie!

Dress like the Dead - Starting on your The Walking Dead zombie Halloween costume already? There are a lot of online guides on how to make a zombie costume. One of them you can see here. The Zombie Prom Dresses gives a good visual impression of dress like the dead. Enjoy The Walking Dead!