Dark Princess in a Goth Wedding

Planning a Goth wedding on a low budget is just as much fun as planning any other themed wedding. So if you are Goth or simply love the Gothic theme, we have some suggestions and ideas for planning the perfect Goth wedding that will have you feeling like a dark princess in Goth wedding on your special day.

The Goth bride wedding dress can be a corset style in black or a richly deep scarlet red. In fact, with the right makeup and accessories, you can even wear a stunning corset white wedding dress with a Goth theme.

Draconian, Medieval or Renaissance styles are perfect styles to model and there are a number of Gothic clothing designers to help you craft your ideal Goth wedding dress. Or if you or a family member is a good seamstress, you can really stay with your budget by buying a pattern and the materials to make your own.

Your bridesmaids should be outfitted in a similar style to the bride also and there are a number of creative ways to make sure your attendants look stunning by choosing the right styles and colors that will complement the bride's dress and add rich dark colors that coordinate with the theme.

Create a hauntingly romantic theme for your gothic wedding invitations by choosing graphics of black roses or dark blood red roses on a white card. Create ceremony programs along the same theme and design with embellishments and graphics depicting black vines with rich red flowers.

Goth wedding favors take on a dark yet richly romantic theme and Goth design bookmarks can seamlessly complement even the darkest or most romantic wedding theme you can imagine, and dark roses are a favorite whether you're choosing black roses or deep scarlet or blood red roses.

Goth wedding cakes are actually very stunning. A white fondant cake will allow for the striking contrast of the black and blood red accents whether you choose flowers or other embellishments for the design of the cake. To keep the richness of the theme running through the cake, choose a red velvet cake or dark chocolate cake. This will give the cake a luxurious and stunning deep red color to contrast with the white fondant icing.

Getting help to create your magical Goth wedding is very easy. You can visit online wedding planning sites or work with a wedding planner or coordinator to take you from creating your wedding invitations and designing your "Goth wedding dress" to planning your reception for a day that everyone will remember forever.