Gothic Wedding Cake Designs

When you think of Gothic Wedding cake designs you immediately think black, tall and dark with memorable haunted wedding cake toppers. Some people may think black wedding cakes are for a Gothic weddings. Well, it could be, but the black cake can also be part of a black wedding theme.

Black wedding cake design by Cory, from
Four tier beaded black chocolate wedding cake covered in dark chocolate fondant, decorated with white beaded chocolate and fresh pink roses.

There should never be anything plain about a wedding cake. In fact, with so many weddings having black and white wedding themes, the black and white wedding cake can be as ornate as anything the mind can conceive. The contrast of the smooth black fondant lends itself to intricate scroll work and fancy designs. And don't forget the pearls. With all that perfect black fondant, there is an opportunity to decorate the cake with strings of beautiful pearls. After all, what else would you wear with black?

Pictures below are Black Cake Designs for Gothic weddings and other black wedding theme. Feast your eyes on these amazing black cakes. They are dramatic and striking to say the least.

black-wedding-cakesBlack wedding cake design by
Simple three tier silver and black cake, covered with black rolled fondant. Decorated with silver Cameo's and dots. At the bottom of each tier are tiny silver polka dots, creating a lovely contrast from the classic black.

black-wedding-cakes-designBlack wedding cake design by
Two tier black and pink wedding cake. The top tier is pink with black scroll work with black satin ribbon around it. The black bottom cake is wrapped in black ribbon with lovely pink skirting. Featuring a black ribbon decoration as the wedding cake topper. Suitable for a pink and black wedding theme.

Black wedding cake design by Scrumptious Cakes
Three tier black and white wedding cake covered with white and black fondant. Decorated with hand sculptured white bows sitting on top of each tier and embellished with a black brooch with pearl white trim. Very 1930's black and white theme.

black-wedding-cakes-photoBlack wedding cake design by Scrumptious Cakes
Theatrical four tier white and black wedding cake decorated with small black love hearts. The first, second and forth tiers are covered with white fondant, and the third tier is covered with black fondant. Perfect for a black and white wedding theme. the wedding cake topper are alternating white and black feathers.

Las Vegas Wedding CakesBlack wedding cake design by Las Vegas Wedding Cakes
Four tier black and silver round wedding cake decorated with silver scrolls, silver monogram wedding cake topper black large feather.

Las Vegas Wedding CakesBlack wedding cake design by Las Vegas Wedding Cakes
Four tier black and brown square wedding cake decorated with white fresh roses and brown ribbon.