Renaissance Fairy Tale Gothic Gown in Crushed Panne Velvet

The Renaissance fairy tale Gothic gown in crushed panne velvet below also called as Genista custom gown. It's originally appeared in the Rose line mortem in 2003, and returned after a long absence and many requests. What's interesting about this dress is the timeless design and has a fantastic full circle Panne velvet noon, sharply pointed waist, and a princess-seamed jacket decorated with delicate According functional laceup vrpce. Rukavi are also decorated with ribbons and The Links.

Genista Custom Gown - Gothic Wedding Dress in Velvet
Beside than you see in photo, Genista custom gown available in several color options. You just have to ask about other colors that you may be looking for.

This Renaissance fairytale Gothic gown is a handmade at the time your order is placed. So, the sizing depends to your measurements. The good news, there's no extra charge for plus size. You only have to send the following measurements (in inches or centimeters, either one is fine!) when ordering:

- Height
- Bust (around the widest part)
- Waist (around the smallest part)
- Cook (about 3-4 inches below the waist)
- Any other information you think will be useful

If you ordering this Renaissance fairy tale Gothic gown for a special event like a wedding, would be best if you contact the gown designer to make appointment. For more details see her website at