Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Special

Wedding themes are used by much more and additional couples to turn their major day into an event that is both meaningful to them and enjoyable for their guests. You can often stick with wedding themes that are basic and elegant or go all out and do one thing that is by no means been done before to make your wedding truly particular. Remember that a wedding is an vital occasion for both the bride and the groom, and a wedding theme wants to reflect that.

Take the time to sit down with your partner to discover achievable wedding theme ideas that will make you each pleased. Contemplate the mood and atmosphere you want to set for your wedding. Would you like it to be very conventional or fun and quirky? Sophisticated or relaxed? Then go a little deeper and feel about your individual style, personality and interests. When you figure out a general direction for coming up with a theme, the ideas will come to you naturally. Take a appear at some wedding themes below and the locations of your ceremony and reception that can be influenced by the theme you select.

Time Period

Medieval - The great setting for this theme would be in historical churches or castles. The use of calligraphy is a good way to distinguish this time period. Decorations with a gothic feel and deep wealthy colors such as blue and purple work finest.

Victorian - The ideal ceremony location for this theme is a Victorian style mansion or a garden with a beautiful gazebo, and there is nothing extra fitting for the reception than getting it in a grand ballroom. Lace can be utilized to adorn not only the bride's dress, but also the table setting and other elements for décor. Go with light colors in white, off white and pastels, and do not forget to add tea to the menu.

1920's - The bride can be quite creative with her wedding day appear by wearing one of a kind headpieces or donning lengthy strands of pearls. Bridesmaids can opt for a shorter dress that resembles the iconic flapper image of that era and groomsmen can sport a fedora to take them back in time. Your music selection for the reception can center around jazz, couple that with a uniquely cabaret style setting.


Beach - A wedding that takes location on a beach requires the dress code to be casual, with dresses preferably short. Seashells, starfish, flip flops and sandcastles are all well-liked beach related items that are frequently applied in the décor for this wedding theme. Blues, whites and sandy colors typically represent this stunning setting, and tropical exotic flowers need to be applied.

Cities - Regardless of whether you are having a destination wedding in a various city or just want to have your wedding really feel as if it had been in a different location, you can include precise elements to make a specific city turn out to be your wedding theme. Make beneficial use of colors, historical sites, cultural relics, flowers that represent the city and of course the fashion.


Rock & Roll - The most imperative aspect of this wedding theme is the music, let your guests rock and roll all night lengthy. Rather of dressing like a classic bride and groom, go with some thing a small more rebellious. Feel of your favorite rock songs and use elements from the song for decorating ideas.

Fairytale - Most girls who dream about their happily ever right after have to have a wedding that is fit for a princess. Get concepts for your ceremony and reception from your favorite fairytale stories. You can go all out with horse drawn carriages and a grand ballroom or use subtle touches to generate this theme.

Movie - The major screen is a superb source of inspiration for a lot of couples. If you want to capture the feel of a particular movie for your wedding, the possibilities are endless. From the wedding attire and music to the food and decorations, there are a lot of distinct things you can do to make the movie come alive. Some fantastic movie themes contain Alice in Wonderland, Grease, and Gone with the Wind. What are some of your favorites?


Asian - There are so several diverse cultures in Asia, each and every with its own one of a kind wedding customs and traditions. If either the bride or groom is of a certain Asian ethnicity, it is necessary to incorporate the regular dress of that culture into the wedding as effectively as food. Other cultural elements that can be used all through consist of conventional patterns, artwork, colors, writing, and so on.


Spring - The weather is acquiring warmer and flowers are in bloom, there is no greater season to have your wedding. A garden wedding would be best for this season, heavy use of flowers and butterflies are especially typical for spring weddings. The colors that are used are often light and so are the fabrics, pair that with food that contain a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Summer - Everybody loves summer, that is why it is one of the most favorite seasons to have a wedding. Outdoor ceremonies are perfect for this time of year and there are a number of diverse locations for you to decide on from. The use of bright and vibrant colors is ideal for this season. Serve food and drinks that are refreshing, and let your wedding party wear one thing lightweight and comfortable.

Autumn - This season makes us think of falling leaves and wealthy colors such as red, orange, gold and brown. If the weather is not too chilly where you are, outdoor weddings can still be very proper. The menu ought to include meals that are produced with foods typical in the course of this season such as pumpkins and apples. Centerpieces featuring autumn leaves and candles are also superb for the reception.

Winter - Winter wonderland wedding themes are well-known amongst numerous couples. With white being the primary color, it is easy to have the décor look each sophisticated and elegant in particular making use of silver or gold accents. Believe of ways to incorporate snowflakes into the decoration of your venue and for your wedding favors.

Wedding Color Scheme - Following deciding on a theme, selecting the color mixture to use all through your wedding becomes a lot easier. Select colors in shades that are representative of your theme.

Wedding Location - Wedding themes also play a main role when picking a venue for the ceremony as nicely as reception. Having a theme helps to narrow down the solutions you have for holding your wedding.

Wedding Attire - Wedding themes can influence the attire for the bride, groom, wedding party and occasionally even the guests. Regardless of whether you choose to wear one thing conventional or unconventional, formal or casual,it all depends on how it fits in with your theme.

Wedding Decorations - Searching for one of a kind centerpieces and table settings? Let wedding themes inspire the décor of your whole reception.

Wedding Menu - Wedding themes can tremendously affect the food that you serve your guests for the duration of the reception. Your menu can reflect a specific time period, culture, location or season.

Wedding Favors - Give your guests some thing particular to take residence as a little token of your appreciation. Gifts that are related to your wedding theme will remind them of the wonderful time they had.

Wedding Floral Arrangement - With so many flowers to pick from, getting a wedding theme makes it a lot less difficult to settle on a color mixture for your floral arrangement and narrow it down to a certain style.

Wedding Cake - Wedding cakes have become a piece of art in and of itself. Your wedding cake can be 1 of the top representations of your theme. Discuss your suggestions with the expert and let them work their magic.

Wedding Invitations - Let every person know what to expect on your major day by incorporating the wedding theme into your invitations. It's a excellent way to get people today excited and seeking forward to becoming there.

Wedding Web-site - After the invitations go out, your guests can get updates about your wedding, take a appear at what you are performing to prepare for the major day and get extra info on what to anticipate via your wedding web-site. Grab their attention and keep them excited by generating a site entirely in the style of your planned wedding theme.