Gothic Accessories Delilah Bell Sleeve Gloves

Another ideal accessory for your Gothic wedding dress is a pair of fingerless gloves. The Gothic subculture is characterized for its fascination with dark themes and fashion. There is significant variation between members of the subculture - some prefer the lace and velvet clothing typical of the Victorian era, while others feel more comfortable wearing hard-edged punk-inspired accessories.

If you fit in the former category, you can fashion a quick pair of gothic fingerless gloves out of lace, velvet or satin fabric or you can pick this Delilah Bell Sleeve Gloves in Lace, Chiffon and Velvet by Rose Mortem - one of my favorite gothic custom couture.

Gothic Wedding Dress Accessories Delilah Bell Sleeve GlovesGothic Delilah Gloves are dramatic enough to be the focal point of any ensemble, but are created with the versatility to allow for pairing up with your wedding gown, bridal corsets, or top. Featuring stretch velvet upper arm construction, with full dripping chiffon cuffs trimmed in 3" ruffled lace. The chiffon cuffs feature an inlaid ribbon gather that can be pulled or let out to adjust the length and look. Shown here with the Rose Mortem Celcia Skirt, also featured in

Gothic Wedding Gowns Accessories Delilah Bell Sleeve GlovesA pair of Delilah Gloves is ideal for completing the Gothic look you are going for. Colors available for both velvet and chiffon include black, white, purple, burgundy (shown), red, evergreen and deep blue. Lace trim will be black for all colors except white, where white Venise lace will be used. The material used to make these gothic gloves is stretch velvet, lace and chiffon which allows maximum comfort and makes it suitable for your gothic wedding dress and for everyday use.