Christina Hendricks Black Gothic Dresses

The shapely star of Mad Men, actress Christina Hendricks being credited with the recent sharp increase in the incidence of breast augmentation surgery in the United Kingdom was a Goth girl gear before she was famous and became the red-haired sex symbol today. It's hard to picture a more feminine figure than that of voluptuous Christina Hendricks. But this surprising high school picture shows the flame-haired beauty wasn't always so elegant.

As the former goth girl, no wonder the appearance and style of Christina Hendricks dress for red carpet always looks dark and glamours. Even though the star with lovely measurements which always questioned about her curvacious body sometimes fail and criticized by the fashion observers, but I still salute Christina Hendricks for her courage to be herself...

Here are some photos of Christina Hendricks on various occasions. The redheaded siren usually knows how to perfectly accentuate her famous curves and make every outfit look fabulous. Are there any of them which inspired gothic wedding dresses?