Romantic Alternative Wedding Dresses Green Black

Romantic Alternative Wedding Dresses Green Black PicturesSo you are getting married and hope some romantics stuff, but you don’t want one of those hideous white wedding gowns that make you look like meringue. Maybe this non traditional wedding dresses collection in any color by Romantic Threads could be an alternative choice for you. What about this green black Victorian wedding gown?

This gown is a custom set, shown in green black and also can do in any color like ivory or white for the bride, all red with black trims and any color that taffeta comes in. This Victorian wedding gown can be made in one or two colors, one color with a different color trims, or two fabric colors, etc. As other custom made wedding dresses, even the bridal gown designers will use taffeta you can also have this done in silk dupioni, brocade or velvet. Just inquire. This will be made in your size/color.

This alternative wedding dress is a ballroom bodice, small sleeves can be added as well. The wedding dress design have laces in back, but you can include a modesty panel for the back so it is more adjustable. Bodice is lined in crepe back satin and has some boning. This shows a black venise lace applique on the bodice. As an alternative, you can trim the bodice however you like with different laces, even a ruffle around the top...

Romantic Alternative Wedding Gowns PicturesThe skirt is the Parisian Victorian reproduction skirt. There are two draped pieces on the front with trims, side panels can be the same color or a 2nd color, shown with a black side panel here. Back has bustles in top, a ruffle under that - a train - and there is a ruffle all the way around the bottom and a venise lace trim over that. You can trim and ruffle it any way you want or includes a bustle pill and a-line slip. If you want a real bustled slip that holds it out more, you can find those online.

Romantic Alternative Wedding Dresses IdeasBodice and Parisian Skirt Set with Jacket and Hat! This "Victorian gown set" includes a jacket. The jacket is lined, boned, has long sleeves and trimmed with venise laces. Its also can be made in any color you want. If you want another alternative, contact the bridal gown designers because they also have other jacket. Interestingly, this romantic alternative reproduction wedding dress will also include a Victorian hat! Hat is on a wire frame, and will be custom made to match your gown!

About the Bodice and Parisian Skirt Set with Jacket and Hat! New photos done by Alicia C. Photography, model is Stacey Smith. The bridal gown designer is Romantic Threads. They have created many alternative wedding dresses and Victorian or vintage style dresses for the bride who wants something a bit more unconventional. Romantic Threads specializes in dresses in every color but white. You want a black dresses, they have tons of them, you want a plus size ocre colored gown, they have it. Check out the gallery for more.