Bella Swan Wedding Dress in Breaking Dawn

After months of speculation, Summit Entertainment finally revealed who designed Bella Swan's wedding dress when she ties the knot with her vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in Breaking Dawn.

“On November 18, see Bella’s Carolina Herrera-designed wedding dress in #BreakingDawnPart1!” Summit Entertainment writes on Twitter, including a photo of Bella on her wedding day, as shown in the first trailer.

Carolina Herrera Designed Bella Swan's Wedding Dress for Twilight Saga Breaking DawnAs we also noted on a previous occasion, the first teaser trailer for “Breaking Dawn Part 1” made it a point of avoiding to show Bella Swan’s wedding dress. In fact, talk about how it might look started long before the MTV Movie Awards 2011, where the clip was shown: it was a hot topic of discussion as early as August 2009, when the film was still shooting.

Though Twi-hards still have to wait some more (until the next trailer at best, or until the film comes out in November at worst) to finally see the vampire wedding gowns, at least they know now who designed.

The Venezuelan designer, Carolina Herrera was celebrity favorite, who’s dressed anyone from Oprah Winfrey to Renee Zellweger, some of these celebrities even on their big day and Carolina Herrera also a favorite designer of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Carolina Herrera Designed Bella Swan's Wedding Dress for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

Bella Swan's wedding veil and clip

Speaking of the wedding, Pattinson recently dished some details on the big event, saying it will most definitely meet fans’ expectations, as build on what they read in Stephenie Meyer’s original novels.

“I didn’t really do much other than just stand there. Which I guess is what most guys do,” he said, adding, “It’s very pretty, very sweet. Hopefully it will be good.”

The bride was absolutely stunning – and which bride wouldn’t be if wearing a gorgeous gown by Herrera, one might ask.

“She looked amazing. She got to do the whole walking down the aisle and everything,” Pattinson gushed, as we also informed you at the time.

While Summit’s tweet would seem to indicate that they’re not showing the dress until the film comes out, fans can only hope to catch a glimpse of it in following promo shots and trailers.

Carolina Herrera Designed Bella Swan's Wedding Dress for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn
Carolina Herrera Spring 2011 Bridal Collection

NOW, we can use Caro's spring bridal collection and those sketches we saw back in April to predict what the vampire wedding dress is going to look like. The illustrated veil and Herrera's own design appear very similar; floor-length with dainty floral details along the hemlines and given the designer's propensity for the delicately ornate and usage of elegant lines. It's safe to say that the dress in the film won't stray too far from the original sketch.

The sketch has Bella with a bit of a neck situation, but we are hoping it is more refined than the dress on the right; cowls have never done anyone a service before. Our secret wish? The lacy, short-sleeve number to the far left. BUT dear omniscient Twilight gods (aka insiders running the movie's promotional calendar), we will NEVER forgive you if you reveal a single detail more about Bella Swan's wedding gown until the premiere. Seriously. Don't ruin this moment for us.