Dramatic Wedding Dress Rescue

The amazing pictures of the rescue bride who be attempts suicide in wedding dress after break-up with fiance. Frustrated, a woman in China trying to make a suicide attempt. The woman tried to end his life by jumping from the seventh floor of residential buildings with wearing her wedding dress.

Luckily the woman was rescued a citizen by taking a wedding dress she was wearing when going to jump from the seventh floor. As quoted from Reuters.com - A 22-year-old Chinese woman seemed to hang in the window of the building shortly before an attempt to end of her life was thwarted by Guo Zhongfan. Zhongfan assisted by other residents was pulled the white wedding dress to save her.

Dramatic Wedding Dress Rescue
The incident occurred at a residential building in Changchun, Jilin province, China. Local media reported, she had climbed out of the apartment window after her boyfriend of four years broke up with her. They are believed to have been planning to marry.

"She can not live because her fiancee left him and will marry another woman just days before their wedding," said local TV.

These amazing pictures reveal the dramatic moments as workers on several floors of the building do their best to drag the young woman back to safety. The unnamed woman was not injured in a suicide attempt. The white victorian wedding dress was a witness to this tragic incident.