Royal Wedding Tiaras for Kate Middleton

In addition to the wedding dress , which also became a question mark is what will bear Kate Middleton as her headdress for Royal Wedding in Westminster Abbey. Is she going to wear a flower or Tiara according to the Royal tradition?

Tiara is a symbol of nobility British Royal Family and lent to the bride by the Queen of the ruling. Some of the Royal tiaras, among others, The Scroll is bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth from her mother.

The Duchess of Teck is a neoclassical tiara that once belonged to Queen Mary's mother. Tiara was bequeathed to the Queen Mary after the death of his mother in 1897.

The Strathmore is a stunning floral crown given by Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's (Queen Mother) parents on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Albert.

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland was originally charged Queen Mary, and then bequeathed to his granddaughter, Elizabeth on her wedding day. Since that time, the elegant tiara is officially subject to the Queen.

The Delhi Durbar that is simple tiara ever worn the Queen Mary during a visit to St Albermarle.