3 Different Style With Scratches Eye Liner

Gothic Weddings - Using the eye liner will make your eye line to be more assertive. This makes the eyes become more expressive. Make-up artist Pat McGrath give tips on using eye liner with three different ways.

Punk Look
In Bottega Veneta show, Pat McGrath decorate a model's eyes using colored cream eye shadow black. The reliable make-up artist polish up in thick folds over the eyes. For the lower eye line, simply outline the outer end of the eye with eye liner.

Look Misterious
Pat McGrath decorate the eyes with a simple yet seen firm. A ruler eyeliner right at the top and bottom eye line will give the impression of mystery. Add a touch of mascara mascara to give a more glowing.

Gothic Look
Strong and brave eyes reflect the uniqueness of its own. McGrath eye makeup is thick above and below the eyes, then added black eye shadow. To make bold eye makeup, he highlights the thick eyeliner on the bottom of the eye. To balance it, Pat gives a touch of gold highlights on the tip of the eye.